Third Axe: Fraternity and Social order: Personalism

Figure 19. In the three-dimensional approach to social theory, the two current axes (equality and freedom) are joined by a third axis – fraternity – which is, by nature, a non-physical phenomenon, and takes the approach to human development as well as social problems to the level of the spiritual world. The driving emotions of the brotherhood axis are divine (spiritual) love and material evil. By: P. Tammert.

Figure 22. The personalistic social order must distance itself from representative democracy and transition to delegative democracy, which offers all personalities the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process (if the topic applies to them), and leaves the rest of the people with the opportunity to give monetary support to an interest group, if they find that it is pursuing policy in a direction that suits them. Transition to direct democracy presumes that all people have reached a high level of personalistic development and have sufficient free time and intellectual ability to follow social discussions and express their opinions on the issues being discussed. By: P. Tammert.

Figure 21. The personalistic social order exits the two-dimensional space and lays the foundation for developments in a third, i.e. spiritual dimension. The driving force for this development is the need for self-realization and its foundation is a democratic organization of society based on liberty and a market-economy environment. By: P. Tammert.

Figure 23. An inevitable presumption for the transition to a personalistic social order is the ability of people to restrain their egoistic greed for profit. At the start of the road to personalism, society must implement the social market economy model that will offer maximum opportunities to anyone who wishes and is able to advance (i.e. opportunities for study, a healthy living environment and a free market). Movement toward a free-market model cannot begin until the proportion of personalistic people in society exceeds 50%. By: P.Tammert.

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