Social order: Individualism

Figure 9. Individualism is located at the upper right of the two-dimensional approach (axes of equality and freedom) to social theory. It is based on the self-realization of free people in a market-economy environment in which the magnitude of egoism determines the economic model. By: P. Tammert.

Figure 11. Individualism is based on the freedom of self-realization and the ideologies that represent it. Moving upward from the lower part of the axis of freedom denotes an increase in the number of people that have acquired the freedom of self-realization. As we move up from the center line in the individualism sector, there are the concept of negative freedom > the concepts of positive freedom > the concept of individualistic or anarchistic freedom. By: P. Tammert.

Figure 10. Individualism is based on market economy, but it has several forms. Moving from the center of the axis of equality to the right, i.e. toward the intensification of egoism, the models of social market economy > free market economy > capitalist market economy can be distinguished. By: P. Tammert.

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